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3rd Steering committee meeting

The third steering committee meeting was held at Laurea Tikkurila Campus in Finland on 25 April 2014. 

Status on the project is that the workpackages are progressing excellently according to the project application and timeline. Also project members experience that there is a big interest in the YEDAC project in other European countries from a.o. political stakeholders. At the meeting it was thus decided that there should be more focus on developing political recommendations based on the project results, ensuring a good dissemination of the results and experiences generated by the YEDAC project.

All tools and materials that have been developed through the course of the project have now been uploaded and published on the YEDAC project website and in the web 2.0 facebook groups and pages.

Next step in the YEDAC project is workpackage 4 and the workshop for teachers and researchers that takes place in Seville.