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5th steering committee meeting

The YEDAC project partners had the 5th steering committee meeting in April 2015 in Graz, Austria.

The 5th steering committee meeting was influenced by the upcoming final conference and the future visions of the YEDAC project. The date of the final conference is September 23rd and it will be hosted in the South Denmark European House in Brussels.

The YEDAC partners did an orientation and discussion of the political recommendations on behalf of the project findings, and a communication strategy prior to the final conference was defined. The YEDAC models - the didactive model & the process model - and how the models should be designed in order to function as an easy understandable teaching instrument.

Furthermore, the first draft versions of the toolkit materials were presented and discussed. After an evaluation of the student’s handbook, further adjustments and improvements were made for the final version. The learning materials, together with the toolkits, will be finished the 1st of July and ready for the final conference in September.