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Facebook – a virtual learning environment and real-world-context

As the didactic YEDAC-model shows that the entrepreneurial learning environment is important when working entrepreneurial in schools. The environment is not just physical and psychological environment, but also a virtual environment. 

Using facebook
A virtual learning environment enables teachers and students to share materials across school borders and even across country borders. It also enables students to get in touch with stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs, local communities and so forth. The virtual environment supports international, creative cooperation and communication characterized by equality and informality. It matches the communication that young people are used to in their spare time.

In the YEDAC-project it is strongly recommended that teachers and students engage themselves in this virtual environment and share their ideas, materials, prototypes internationally.

Alternative options

In some schools this is simply not an option. This is off course unfortunate, since teachers and students lose their connection to the international contacts and networks.

Suggestions for alternative options could be:

  • Using an alternative it-platform so the environment is still virtual (but not connected to the outside world)
  • Using youtube. Through small videos connecting with other students and teachers across Europe for inspiration
  • Finding a YEDAC-friendship class in another country and corresponding with them via email
  • Experiences from the project summed up in writing or video and shared by the teachers in Teachers’ room in Facebook