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Inspiring teacher seminar in Seville

Strengthening innovation and entrepreneurial education in schools is on the agenda in all European countries. The big challenge is how to translate policy into practice and integrate innovation and entrepreneurship in the existing subjects in schools. To address this issue the YEDAC project has organised a workshop for European teachers that takes place in Seville from 3-6 June.

The YEDAC project is gathering 30 teachers and researchers from 6 European countries in Seville from 3-6 June 2014 to discuss the above mentioned challenges of integrating innovation and entrepreneurial aspects into school education. Participants from Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria and Spain are enrolled in the workshop which will be the kick-off for the piloting phase of the YEDAC project. In the piloting phase the didactic models and entrepreneurial education tools developed in the project are tested in real school settings in six different European countries.

The YEDAC Web 2.0 Facebook platform will be launched as part of the workshop. This platform will act as a virtual space where European students, teachers and external partners can meet and share their innovative and entrepreneurial experiences across schools and countries in Europe.

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Presentations are availiable here.

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