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National conference in Graz, Austria

A core element of the YEDAC project has been to test the YEDAC learning model in schools in all partner countries. The results were presented on a national conference in Graz, Austria.

Hand bags for sale! Students from the school NMS Algersdorf in Austria used the opportunity to sell hand bags that they had made themselves from old t-shirts when the YEDAC project held its national conference at Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark in Graz.

The students made the bags as a part of the YEDAC project. Their school was one of the pilot schools for testing the YEDAC learning model which aims to develop the students’ entrepreneurical competences:

-        The challenge for me was to be open for challenges. YEDAC is different, because you let the children decide what to do, so you have to be open for everything that they come up with, explains the teacher. This was new for me, tells Bettina Dauphin from NMS Algersdorf.

On the conference teachers from Bulgaria, The Netherlands and Austria presented their experiences with the YEDAC learning model.

A challenge for teachers

The theoretical background on the YEDAC understanding of entrepreneurship was presented by project coordinator Helle Munkholm Davidsen from University College Lillebælt in Denmark. She has followed the pilot tests and is impressed by the results:

-        The model is very useful, and we have had a very positive feedback on the models. Happy teachers and happy students. The purpose of YEDAC is to make tools for teachers that help them to include entrepreneurship in the daily teaching, and it seems that it is a problem for teachers to see their teaching in a new way, so the YEDAC model functions as tools for them, explains Helle Munkholm Davidsen.

She also underlines that the schools must allow the teachers the necessary space to conduct experiments in their teaching.

Coming up…

The YEDAC partners are now preparing for the final conference on September 23. This event will mark the end of the project and all results will be presented for influential stakeholders in all partner countries in order to spread the word on the project. 

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Read more in the seminar folder here (DE) and in following evaluation report (EN) here.