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Steering committee meeting in Seville

The YEDAC steering committee met in Seville, Spain, from the 8th - 9th of October 2013.

This was the second meeting of the group, and one of the activities was a trip to Secondary school "Colegio San José Sagrados Corazones" in Seville. The point of the visit was to get an insight in how to implement entrepreneurship in the education system.

What they saw were a great exampel of how innovation and creativity on a daily basis can be incorporated in  sports, mathematic and music.

On the tour, the YEDAC partners were guided by the schools headmaster, father Jose Ignacio Moreno, the coordinator of languages at the school, Madel Carmen Gordillo, and the teaching director, Juan Carlos Heras.

Colegio San José Sagrados Corazones educates 1500 pupils in the age between three and sixteen, and it is one of the most known schools in Seville. It is a semi-private school which will participate in the pilot projects of YEDAC project. In other words, the school will be testing entrepreneurial tools for students and teachers.

Already the School offers an important number of activities contributing to increase entrepreneurial skills of students, as well as voluntary sport, leisure and religious activities.

 The School also follows an EFQM Excellence Model on educational standards.


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The YEDAC steering committee in front of Colegio San José San Corazones. From the left: Jaap Van Lakerveld, Ninna Klitø, Jussi Jarvi, Crista Bauer, Helle Munkholm Davidsen, Katariina Raij, Krassen Stefanov, Nanda Alarcon and Pablo Morales


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