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Workshop in Graz

In January the YEDAC-project partners from Denmark, Bulgaria, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands had their second meeting in Graz to finalize the products of work package 3 and start work on work package 4. The task of work package 3 was to develop a theory-based transnational didactic model and a learning process. In work package 4 an entrepreneurial teacher training will be developed. As a start partners had been asked to bring an object from their country that showed the entrepreneurial spirit of their region. Teacher competences for entrepreneurial teaching were formulated by the Graz team and discussed with the group.

As teacher competences in didactics and in the social area can be taken for granted, the focus was on developing an entrepreneurial mindset for teachers to be able to serve as a role model.

To facilitate the process innovative entrepreneurs from the region were invited to pass on their stories as well as visits to companies prepared. The group was very busy so there was little time for sightseeing, but social dinners enhanced group coherence.

The Graz meeting tried to connect entrepreneurship to a local context to generalize ideas needed for the teacher training.  Finally, a draft for the transnational teacher training in Seville was compiled from the work of different groups. Also an overview of the next steps and basic  functions of the teacher guidelines were discussed.  The meeting was very productive and helped to move the YEDAC-project another step further.

The Graz team will be happy to host another meeting in April 2015 where the results of the pilots will be presented and are looking forward to welcoming our international partners again.

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